Panurgy Managed Services

As providers of quality Managed Services for businesses of all shapes and sizes, we make it a point to stay updated on all of the news that affects our industry. We believe it’s only through education and experience that we can show businesses how much easier their lives can be with managed IT services.

From time to time, we come across a media report that demonstrates just how much impact Managed Services is having on entrepreneurs around the world. Recently, we discovered a piece of news analysis on CIO.com that confirmed what we here at Panurgy already know to be true: more and more organizations are turning over everyday IT functions over to managed services providers so their time can be better spent on more strategic tasks.

According to the report, managed services and IT functions like network monitoring, daily admin functions, security and data storage, backup and recovery, cloud computing are increasingly being trusted to companies like Panurgy.

“While one-time projects account for some of these engagements,a significant portion is ongoing management of one or more IT functions by a managed services provider,” Carolyn April, co-author of CompTIA’s Fourth Annual Trends in Managed Services Study, told CIO. “There is a much higher degree of familiarity with the term ‘managed services’ and greater adoption.”

In order to truly become familiar with the advantages of a managed IT service, you’ve got to experience it in action in your own business. Contact Panurgy today and our expert representative will meet with you to show you how our Managed Services can give you total peace-of-mind your IT is in good hands.

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