At Panurgy, we are proud to offer small to medium sized businesses the security that is required in today’s ever-evolving digital world. Business is no longer done on paper (at least not nearly as often), so no matter your vertical or industry, it is simply a necessity to have network security and complete data protection for your business to run safely. As a reminder, here is a brief explanation of our IT services we are proud to provide at Panurgy:

Managed Solutions

  • Panurgy Total Support –  comprehensive and turnkey support of your network with 24 X 7 monitoring
  • Co-Managed Solutions – it is up to you and your business as to which IT services you are in need of
  • Panurgy Total Data Protection – 24 X 7 backup for protection against a variety of threats with our backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions
  • Mailprotect Email Security – offers threat protection, continuity, and archiving functionality for your email
  • Desktop Management – get back to running your business and let us worry about your network security through our day-to-day management and protection of your PCs

Cloud Solutions

  • Infrastructure as a Service – as an IaaS provider, we provide the highest standards of security and availability
  • Backup and Recovery – in the event of an IT disaster, you should have a backup beyond simply storing data on site. We have the rapid data recovery you need.
  • Private Cloud – our Private Cloud platforms give you the control over your resources and the ability to operate with complete privacy
  • Business Continuity – we provide IT services for small and medium businesses at affordable rates and with a breadth of essential services

Premise Solutions

  • Storage Solutions – our IT storage solutions include filing sharing capability, capacity expansion, and storage consolidation to help streamline your operations
  • Virtualization – server consolidation and reduction of energy and space requirements will in turn cut overhead costs no matter your industry
  • Network Audit and Assessment – NET CHECK gives you a detailed IT audit, assessment, and analysis of your current network environment, including areas of weakness and improvement suggestions
  • Telephony Solutions – consider our phone systems and services which are both innovative and reliable. We partner through Avaya for Total Telephony Support
  • IT Support – We offer comprehensive and thorough IT services for small businesses. We make IT support made simple, and allow you the choices of selection for the IT services that best fits your company’s needs.  

Today’s post will be dedicated to one of the many IT services we provide for small and medium businesses at Panurgy. Virtualization is an abstract term to some, so we want to shed light on some of its greatest benefits within the world of network security and IT management services. Continue reading if you are interested in learning more about some of the benefits of virtualization, along with an explanation of what Virtualization is in the first place.

What Is Virtualization?

We are glad you asked! Although it is considered by some to be modern, virtualization has been influencing computer science to varying degrees for decades. But it has only been recently that server virtualization has become a pragmatic IT solution for private companies with finite budgets.  The essential concept is that one is able to consolidate a multitude of bulky physical servers onto virtual servers. It’s a practice that saves space, energy, and therefore capital. These virtual servers behave as unique devices, each capable of running its own operating system. For the purposes of this blog, this will have to suffice as an explanation. Rest assured that our experts have a comprehensive understanding of virtualization and its applications for your business vertical. Let’s move onto describing some of the benefits of virtualization technology.

Cut Costs

As we touched on above, the utilization of virtualization technology can significantly cut costs for many businesses. Businesses no longer have to spend funds on pricey equipment and in-house IT support staff, because you don’t have to actually buy the servers which you will be using. It’s a simple process to outsource data storage onto a third-party’s server network. For example, Panurgy does this exact thing for a variety of small and medium businesses.

Save Time

Another benefit of virtualization is that it saves time for employees and employers alike. It’s a similar concept to the one mentioned above in that not having to house an entire server farm (or even a few) will save both money and time. An example of this principle can be found in the ability to copy one server to another. As opposed to individually modifying individual servers, businesses can streamline their processes by leaving the consolidation process to the professionals. Also, this is a fairly obvious strength, but you will see a chunk of change knocked off of your energy bill from not housing a host of servers in-house. A final benefit that we would like to cover is that our team at Panurgy can handle all standard and unforeseen maintenance issues much more easily than your in-house team likely can. Whereas some teams might take two or three days to to make a simple update, our team will accomplish most tasks in under half a day.

While this has by no means been a thorough review of all of the benefits of virtualization technology, we hope that you can see some of the more obvious strengths we can offer you at Panurgy with our Virtualization IT Management services. Contact us today if you are ready to save money and time so you can get back to managing your business.