Protect your business from vicious ransomware, malware and viruses.
Protect your business from vicious ransomware, malware and viruses.
Spam e-mails are not just annoying anymore. There are 3 NEW types of spam that are taking over inboxes across America that threaten our privacy and the security of your computer. 
These new spam e-mails are causing millions of users to get infected, spoofed and robbed by online criminals who have discovered new ways to sneak into your computer. 
Ignore these threats and you could end up paying hefty fees to not only clean and restore your PC back to working order, but also to clean up identity theft issues. Right now, there are the 3 most venomous threats. 
1. Hijacked and spoofed e-mail addresses. Spammers have discovered new ways to make it appear as though their spam e-mail is coming from YOUR computer.  This could result in having your Internet connection terminated or put on hold by your ISP – All without your knowledge. 
2. Viral spam. Accidentally open a spam e-mail carrying a nasty virus and you can end up with big problems ranging from the slowing of your system to more serious threats such as system crashes, data loss, identity theft, redirecting your web browser to porn sites and more. 
3. Phishing spam. A phishing e-mail appears to be a legitimate e-mail from a bank, vendor, friend, or other end source when in reality, it is a malicious third party that is going to use your information to open credit card accounts, access your account, steal money, and cause you other major identity and financial problems.
Phishing e-mails are getting incredibly convincing, and thousands have already fallen victim.  If you have  staff, make sure they are ALL aware of these scams or their mistake could end up infecting your entire network’s security and stability.  
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