About Us


Panurgy was founded with the goal of creating a managed IT support organization that would specialize in meeting the needs of businesses who require quality Information Technology services but don’t have the internal resources to do it all themselves.

For decades, Panurgy has provided IT services for small businesses, maximizing their technology functionality and predictability while freeing their IT staff from the complexity of managing their systems and networks in order to focus on their core business. Our full range of professional services includes: assessment, design, implementation, management and the security of data and voice network infrastructures, as well as, public/private/hybrid cloud computing, desktop management, virtualization solutions, data protection solutions and disaster recovery.

Panurgy strives to achieve the highest level of service at all stages of technology, and each level of the business. Commitment to excellent service, combined with technical expertise, diverse knowledge, resources to solve problems, and pride in what we do are all factors in what enables us to consistently meet our clients’ needs.

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“When you call you get a real person in USA (NJ) not a machine, not voice mails – a tech that knows you & your company!  With Panurgy, we have built history: They know our company & know what we need & what is important to us. They have worked with MBUSA & our other providers seamlessly. Funny but we have never worked with another IT firm. For due diligence purposes, we did go out for bids a few years ago and decided to stay with Panurgy. The prices were in line & we knew what we had. The grass is not always greener in the IT space!”  Joseph Hobbs, Marketing Manager – Mercedes Benz, Princeton

Jeff Reingold – CoFounder

Jeff Reingold is a founding partner and the Sr. Vice President of Services and CTO for Panurgy.  He spends his time overseeing the day-to-day client service delivery organization, including the help desk, network operations center, project management, and network engineering.  Jeff is also responsible for strategic technical direction of the organization, spending countless hours and often long nights staying up-to-speed on new technology and vetting potential new partners and services.  Outside of work Jeff enjoys taking his wife and three teenage children to NY Giants football games, playing with his three dogs, and sporting clay shooting. 

Fun Fact:  Jeff once found himself and a colleague stranded at a client site late one night in the pouring rain with a dead car battery, and used a couple CAT5 network patch cables they had in the car to make an improvised jumper cable and successfully jump started the car without electrocuting himself.


Kevin Gallagher is a founding partner & Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Administration. Kevin leads Panurgy’s sales, marketing and finance efforts. Before coming to Panurgy in 2003, Kevin spent 15 years in the Coca-Cola system where he held various roles in senior management and sales. He studied business at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh and received his MBA from Fairliegh Dickinson University. Kevin lives in Morristown, New Jersey with his wife and three kids and enjoys spending time in the outdoors, playing golf and walking his golden retriever, Rudy. Kevin is also an avid NY Giants fan!

Our Partners

Panurgy works closely with our strategic partners to stay up-to-date on the latest technical solutions. We partner with organizations that are leaders in their particular technology field. Our expertise and partnerships provide our customers with the best knowledge and leading technology they need to support, implement and manage their IT infrastructure.